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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: July 9, 2020

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As of July 9, 2020 these are the frequently asked questions pertaining to youth sports and as addressed in the most recent executive order from the Alameda County Public Health Department. Please note that this document is updated on a regular basis as additional information becomes available.


Q: What mandates are currently in place for Alameda County?

A: Residents of Alameda County must adhere to physical distancing, keeping a minimum of six-feet apart from others, the wearing of face coverings, and businesses must post and follow site-specific protection plans. People are encouraged to shelter-in-place.


Q: If there is a difference between the county and the state ordinance which am I supposed to follow?

A: When there is a difference in ordinance, the more strict ordinance takes precedence. So, if the county health ordinance is more strict than the state’s, you must follow the ordinance that is outlined by the county.


Q: What if a neighboring county has a less restrictive order, may I take my player to that county to play sports there?

A: No, in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19, your player may not travel to another county to play sports. Travel is only permitted within the state of California for urgent matters and essential work.


Q: Is lacrosse permitted under the current Alameda County Public Health Department order?

A: No, unfortunately, lacrosse is not allowed under the current health order. Contact sports are part of the final stage of the state and county’s reopening plan. Even modified play is prohibited at this time as the game does not allow the athletes to follow the proper physical distancing guidance.


Q: I see other sports clubs engaging in play. Why aren’t the Phantoms doing the same?

A: Player safety is our primary concern. We are working with the Alameda County Public Health Department, LARPD, and NCJLA to ensure that we are adhering to all guidelines and safety measures. 


Under current health guidance, camps are permitted and many clubs are using the camp umbrella to operate. This guidance states that camps may have a cohort of 12 children at a time for a three-week period. They must be the same twelve children thus constituting a stable cohort. And children may only attend one camp at a time. They must have a face covering, practice physical distancing, and have limited touch points (no shared equipment, water, etc.). Once the three-week time span has ended they must then take a minimum of a two-week break before joining another camp cohort. 


As lacrosse does not allow its players an opportunity to practice physical distancing, the Phantoms will not be conducting a camp at this time. Again, our primary concern is the safety of our players. Furthermore, LARPD fields are currently closed. When there is a change in the health guidance that allows for both the fields to be reopened and for lacrosse to resume we will notify the club.


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