Non-profit organization dedicated to youth lacrosse in Livermore California.


The NCJLA four (4) mandatory requirements for coaches in the 2015 season:

  1. US Lacrosse Membership
  2. Positive Coaching Alliance online course completion
  3. US Lacrosse Level 1 online course completion
  4. Background Check

1. US Lacrosse Membership:
No action required by you.  The Phantoms will register you and take care of all the costs for you.  This is handled automatically from the website.

2. Postive Coaching Alliance Online Course:
PCA is a requirement and a good course.  Phil Jackson is their new spokes person and there are some good video clips up there of him.  The PCA course takes about an hour to do online and very instructive and pretty painless.  The Phantoms will reimburse you for the cost of the course.  Here's a link to the website PCA Double Coach Coarse.

3. US Lacrosse Level 1 Online Course Completion:
I haven't taken this one yet so I can't comment too much on it.  Registration is a bit goofy for this.  I just did it so I'll describe it:
1. Go to and register with them.  I'll get you all your USLacrosse #'s shortly
2. Go to the USLacrosse training site and register with them (sadly a separate registration where you have to enter your info again)
3. Once you're done with the training sight registration - you choose the course you want to register for (level 1)

4. Background Check:
Background checks are done through NCSI.  It's pretty simple how it works.  You go to the NCSI and self register.  In the registration process you'll be asked what club you're associated with and you'll pick the Phantoms and enter your information.  The reason it works like this is so that Phantoms never handle any of your personal information - it's all through NCSI's secure website.

The club is simply given a "Green Light" or "Red Light" and no other information.  If a red light comes back we'll have a private conversation and decide how to proceed.  I'm told that younger coaches are "red lighted" simply because there's very little information on them.  That would obviously be waived.  


Next Actions:

1. US Lacrosse Membership:
Phantoms register all coaches so you have your USLax Numbers
Phantoms will let you know once we've registered you so you have your USLax Numbers

2. Positive Coaching Alliance Online Course:
You sign up and complete the PCA Double Coach Coarse.
Phantoms will reimburse you for the cost.  Just send me a note once you've completed it and we'll write you a check

3. US Lacrosse Level 1 Online Course Completion:
Phantoms will send you your US Lacrosse number (if you have one go skip this step)
Follow the registration steps above
The course is free right now - if you are charged the Phantoms will reimburse you for this as well.

4. Background Check:
Phantoms are setting up an account with NCSI
Once the account is setup we'll email you individually with instructions