Non-profit organization dedicated to youth lacrosse in Livermore California.

Lacrosse Fanatic
The partnership will give everyone in Phantom Lacrosse free membership into the Goal Line Extended Club, which normally costs $25. As part of the Goal Line Extended Club, you get access to exclusive discounts on every item that you purchase in-store, online or at a tournament or other event where Lacrosse Fanatic has presence. To get started, visit the Lacrosse Fanatics registration page and enter our team code: teamlivermorelacrosse20. Fill out a short form and you are set to save on gear.
Livermore Junior Football League
The Livermore Junior Football League (LFJL) and the Phantoms have an agreement to help each in their common goals of growing youth sports in Livermore. The clubs help each other with outreach, share best practices, and offer registration discounts for new players referred from the other club. LFJL accepts all players without consideration of prior experience or talent, with the goal of familiarizing young players with the fundamentals of football and cheer - instilling the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority. Their motto is "Everyone Plays" and they provide an equal opportunity for all team members to be an active participant throughout the game in a supervised, organized and safety-oriented manner. Please check them out at and tell them Phantoms sent you!
Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)
We've partnered with the PLL to offer Phantoms a 50% discount on their upcoming PLL Academy in Sacramento. At this event, kids will get training from two pros: KYLE HARTZELL & JOE WALTERS. You must register by 9/25 to get the discount - use code PHANTOM.