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Livermore Phantom Lacrosse Adding Girls Program in Spring 2020

Livermore Phantom Lacrosse is calling all girls between ages of 5 and 14 to come out and help us build a new girls lacrosse program in Livermore. 


After a long stretch without having a girls lacrosse program in Livermore, the Phantoms have elected to undertake the process of formally establishing one or more dedicated girls lacrosse teams, effective with the 2020 Spring season - only a few months away! Girls have always been welcome to play Phantom Lacrosse with the boys, but now the girls of Livermore will have a program they can call their own.


Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. (and did you know, is set to be an Olympic sport by 2028?). Very popular on the U.S. east coast for decades, the sport is sweeping the West Coast, and girls lacrosse in particular is one of the fastest growing sports segments at the college level, according to the NCAA


Girls playing for Livermore Phantom Lacrosse have a major advantage going into high school if they want to continue the sport, and one of the goals of the Phantoms is to help train a new generation of players to love the sport, carry it on in our local high schools, and help spread the news that lacrosse is THE newest, coolest sport going on right now in the Bay Area and beyond.


Interested? Come join us at either our New Player Clinics or Fall-Tune-Ups starting in September, where we’ll be having dedicated training and equipment, with local coaches helping you or your daughter get to know the game. Sign ups are live now on the Phantoms website. New Players who register will get a high-quality free stick to take home, regardless of whether they decide to join a team for the 2020 Spring season.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q: What are the differences between Boys and Girls Lacrosse?

A: Here is a good write-up describing the major differences between the two sports. In short, the girls game has no contact or checking, the equipment is slightly different, and there are subtle differences in gameplay. But there are more similarities than differences.


Q: What age groups will have Phantom teams in the Spring?

A: This is entirely dependent on interest levels. Like the boys program, we have age groups for 8-and-under (8U), 10U, 12U, and 14U, and we would LOVE to field a team for each age group - but that may be hard to do in our first year. Getting the word out is our highest priority, and you can help spread the word! Share this news on Facebook @phantomlivermore and Instagram @phantomslacrosse


Q: What if you don't have enough girls in an age group to field a team?

A: There are several options. First, younger kids can play in an older age group. For example, it's possible for a 9-year old to play with a 12U team if we don't field a 10U team and the parents approve. But at a minimum, we'd like to have a girls program running through the season where girls can come out and get coaching, learn the sport, bring some friends, have some fun, and build skills for the next year.


Q: If I come to the New Player Clinics and like it, do I have to register for the Fall Tune-ups to keep playing?

A: No! New players (boys OR girls) will be invited to join the remainder of the Fall Tune-ups for no additional registration cost. We're counting on your loving it and wanting to join us in the spring season. You will, however, have to join U.S. Lacrosse ($30) which is a requirement for all players (pays for insurance). There will also be some equipment costs, but you'll have a great stick to start with, and we're working with our partner at Lacrosse Fanatic on discounted and rental equipment offers.


Q: Can a girl who has been playing with the Boys’ teams continue playing with the boys?

A: The rules of the NCJLA state that this is possible only if there is no girls team in their age group. However, there is a parental waiver and petition process that will allow her to continue playing with the boys. In general, the Phantoms won't encourage this - as we think it will benefit the girls to learn the girls game, which will be important if they continue to play in high school. Plus, we want to make sure we have enough girls to field a team in each age group. But our #1 priority is to get (and keep) girls playing - so we'll support whatever your family decides is best.


Q: Who will be coaching the girls teams?

A: We are already recruiting some adult players and coaches from the local area who are enthusiastic about helping start this new program. You will meet some of them at the Fall Clinics if you join us there. We’re always looking for more volunteers, and will provide you with all the training you need - so let us know if you’re interested ( ).


Q: Will the boys and girls practice together?

A: No, not normally. While they may share some field space and practice times, and may occasionally share space for drills - the boys and girls teams will practice separately with their own set of coaches.


Q: What other teams will they play?

A: Many of the local lacrosse clubs (Pleasanton, Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, and others) also have girls teams that we will arrange our season to play with.


Also see the club FAQ for other information about the season, much of which is applicable to the girls program.