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New Player Clinics

Information about our New Player Clinics

Our Phantom New Player Clinics are specially designed to give a fun introduction to the sport of lacrosse to kids of all eligible ages who want to learn what it’s all about with minimal commitment. No experience is necessary (or expected), and a loaner stick will be provided during the clinic. Pads and helmets (boys) and goggles (girls) are not required for the new player clinic.

The clinics will be held at Cayetano Park in Livermore on beautiful turf fields (the Phantom's home field for games) on Sunday 9/19 and 9/26 from 5:00 - 6:30.

Basic skills will be introduced such as cradling, passing, catching, shooting, and the basic rules of gameplay.

Parents are encouraged to hang around after dropping your player off for a short informational session in the bleachers. We will fill you in on the basics of what you as parents will need to know about the sport of lacrosse, our upcoming season, gear, and any other questions you have.

What if my player decides they like it and want more? Well that’s what we expect (and you should to!), and the next step we recommend would be to join our regular fall ball clinics that start the week after where both new and returning players alike work to build up their off-season skills in preparation for the upcoming spring season (official practices start in mid-late January).

To continue with Fall Ball, you will need to:

  • Get a USA Lacrosse membership at for $30. This is a condition of the insurance coverage our team gets, and lasts for one year. A magazine and other benefits ( are also included.
  • Get a lacrosse stick (crosse). If they like the stick they were loaned at the new player clinic, you can buy it at-cost from the club (approx. $70) who buys them in bulk from one of our partners and gets a good discount on a quality crosse. A good stick makes all the difference, and while there can be good deals found on the used market, not all of those sticks are game legal anymore (e.g. shape of the head), or are not good quality.
  • Get a mouthguard. This is required for both boys and girls
  • Boys – get a helmet, chest pads, elbow pads, and gloves. This is required equipment for safety reasons, and you can find more at our Gear page and we will provide information about online and local stores where you can buy packages.
  • Girls – will need a pair of goggles. The girls game involves less contact, and pads and helmets are not worn.
  • Register! You must be registered for Fall Ball to attend. If you attended the new player clinic, make sure you get a discount code to use at checkout that will credit your registration cost for the new player clinic toward Fall Ball.
  • Start practicing cradling. One of the first skills all players will learn is cradling the ball (you'll know what that is after your first session). A “Cradlebaby” lacrosse ball is a good first investment. It is a regulation size/weight ball with a string attached you can easily loop to the head of your stick, allowing you to practice cradling wherever you are (watching TV, going on a walk, etc.) without the ball flying out and doing damage or getting away from you.

In addition you can:

  • Study the sport. USA lacrosse website has a lot of great information about the sport to begin getting you up to speed on this fast, fun, exciting, and growing sport. Watch your TV schedule for the Premier Lacrosse League - a new professional league in the US with top notch play.
  • Register for spring. Spring registration opens in early October and runs through about Thanksgiving. Spring is where it all comes together with teams, 3x/week practices, and weekend games played throughout the tri-valley and bay area.

If you're wondering about our COVID-19 policies, we keep those up to date on our website under About Us -> COVID-19. But in short, under the current conditions where the Delta variant continues to cause a spike in cases, we highly encourage masks be worn by players, and will require it of our coaches until such a time when we can relax those rules.

For more information or to ask questions:

If you're ready to go - click the registration link below to get started. Signup is quick and easy.

Updated: 9/12/21